8 Weeks of Real Food, Real Quick

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The Real Food Meal Planning

What if this year you focus on being happy, balanced and fuelling your body with whole delicious food that makes you feel awesome?

What if you make meal planning a weekly habit, one that you actually look forward to?

Not just for January, but for the entire year and the rest of your life! No diets. Nothing fancy. Just real food.

If you are saying ‘Yes, yes, yes! It feels like you’re speaking directly to me’, it’s because we are.

We know what it feels like to be totally lost when it comes to what to eat, how to prepare, finding the time, making it affordable and finding the right motivation, support and accountability.

This is exactly why we are so excited to guide you through 8 Weeks of Real Food, Real Quick. We want to prove to you that eating well doesn’t need to be complicated or complex. In fact, it can be downright fun and straightforward.

Fun? Yes. FUN.

8 Weeks of Real Food, Real Quick

Here's how it works

Every week for eight weeks, we give you a Real Food Real Quick meal plan, grocery list and recipes. The program is totally customisable to fit your needs. Weight loss, rapid weight loss, slow and steady whatever your goals, we will customise the meal plan for you.
This isn’t about adhering to a specific diet. It’s just about eating real food that you love. If you see a meal you aren’t excited about, you can swap it out. We’ll give you hundreds of delicious, real-food options to choose from.
The program is designed to help you get maximum nutrition in minimum time, without spending a fortune on it.

Every week, we’ll show you how to batch cook your proteins and prep things in advance. Your weeknight dinners are super quick, and breakfasts are prepped ahead for busy mornings. Leftovers are repurposed for simple and delicious lunches.

Because it can be hard to figure out what to eat

The 8 Week Real Food Real Quick Program makes it ridiculously easy by giving you everything you need to hit the ground running - a meal plan, shopping list, recipes, and a guide. Boom. All the hard work is done for you.

Because eating healthy can be 'time-consuming'

The ingredients that we use in the 8 Week Real Food Real Quick Program can all be purchased at one store. We've made sure that all meals are super quick and easy to make. We will give you a weekly prep guide to never waste time wondering which task to complete next.

Because eating healthy can be expensive

We've made sure the ingredients we use in the 8 Weeks Real Food Real Quick Program are affordable. We will give you a list every week, so you only buy what you need, and no food will go to waste.


$ 351.50
  • Meal planning assessment tool
  • Delicious and healthy recipes
  • Easy-to-follow shopping list
  • Assigned weight management consultant
  • Weekly progress check-in
  • Weekly mindset messages
  • 15-min video or audio chat every Monday
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • WGF cap + t-shirt, singlet or crop top
  • Free Key tag (RRP$10)

Offer includes 2 weeks of WGF Membership. Membership is $16/week and billed fortnightly.