8-Week Weight Management Program

The goal of monitoring your progress and adjusting your plan is to keep you on track towards your goals.

Are you tired of slogging away in the gym without seeing the results you deserve? We’re here to change that!

Our 8-week Weight Management Program (WMP) is a fully customisable program developed for you by sports nutritionists and dieticians working with Warehouse Gym & fitness. The core of the program takes place over eight weeks. Throughout the program you’re provided with the following:

  • Dietician-approved meal plans that are simple and easy to follow
  • Delicious recipes that you and your whole family can enjoy
  • An itemised grocery list and prep guide to help keep you organised
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Working closely with your coach
  • Losing weight at a moderate pace
8-week Weight Management Program- Clean Life Blog

Our 8-Week WMP is a fully customisable system. There’s no one-size-fits-all philosophy involved here. If you don’t like one of the meal options or feel it isn’t quite working for you – we will switch it out for something else. If you’re vegan or vegetarian—no need to worry. We have plenty of delicious options available for you too.

Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight at a moderate pace will allow you to keep it off, still have energy for daily activities, create SUSTAINABLE habits and is a healthier approach.

We send you a quick yet compressive assessment. We use that information to develop a detailed nutritional plan and give you the best action for your situation.

We’ll give you a guide to getting started and some idea of your journey’s initial stages before you commence the program. Our 8-week program is a tool for weight management. Whatever way you choose to use it, either decreasing body fat or increasing muscle mass, we have a solution for you.

At less than $20 a week, our program is very affordable. There’s no better feeling than eating your way to a healthier body. Eat regular delicious meals and snacks and still see your body composition changing for the better.

Priced at $158.90, our 8-week Weight Management Program is your path to a healthier you. Weight Loss/ Muscle Gain Goals

Available only after becoming a member.

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