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FAQ- General Enquiries

At Warehouse Gym & Fitness, we have no admin fees, no sign-up fees and no contracts. We keep our prices low because we know that a spacious, safe and well-equipped environment for you to exercise in shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Cancel anytime no questions asked

Step 1) Fill in any form on our website to be directed to all our membership options, including Casual and Club Visit Pack (scroll down)
Step 2) Fill in your payment details 
Sep 3) Fill in a quick questionnaire  
Step 4) Receive Bluetooth access right away, no matter what time of day or night. Please follow your email instructions.
Yes, please. select our booking link to organise your gym tour

Yes, at WGF, we welcome casual visits. Fill in any form on our website, and you’ll see our prices page. Scroll to the bottom for Casual visit options. Follow the sign-up instructions to receive Bluetooth access right away.

We pride ourselves on being the cleanest gym in Wollongong. For convenience, we offer change rooms with fully equipped bathrooms available 24/7. In addition, an enclosed Kids Zone and car park are open. 

Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or just starting, you may be self-sufficient and know what you’re doing, but if you think you could benefit, i.e. reach your goals easier/quicker with the help of an expert PT, then check out our 4-Week PT Block or our Triple Pack offers. Perfect for anyone who wants to maximise their time in the gym. Available to all members via their member app.

At WGF, we believe motivation is everything. Our award-winning workouts, led by the best Personal Trainers in the business, offer a vast range of semi-private group workouts that makes fitness fun and inclusive. Coaches expertise range from CrossFit, HIIT, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Boxing, and Strength & Conditioning to suit each individual. Our coaches run 4-8 week blocks of training where you can switch coaches once the block date ends.
Experience Personal Training at a fraction of the cost in a small motivating group of 2-4 people.
For more information, members can get in touch via their member app. If you are not yet a member, please use the chat widget below to get all your questions answered.

We offer an 8-week Weight Management Program (WMP) developed for you by sports nutritionists and dieticians. If you don’t like any of the meal options or feel it isn’t quite working for you – we can switch it out for something else if you’re vegan or vegetarian—no need to worry. We have plenty of delicious options available for you too. Available for purchase after joining.

We have a unique gym, and our team is here to help you get set up correctly. If you require more information, you can book a tour or get in touch via the chat widget on our website. Please note we have immediate Bluetooth access for all our memberships, including casual visits.

WGF Members

Step 1) Log into your Member App
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Step 1) Log into your Member App
Step 2) Select Menu
Step 3) Select Membership 
Step 4) Select Add Hold 
Note: By default, you will need to pause for a minimum of 3 months. Your membership will automatically reactivate when you swipe back in. This can be before your end date. Any outstanding amounts will be collected, and any credits will be attached. No refunds are provided as we do not charge administrative fees. 
Step 1) Log into your GymMaster
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Step 3) Select Membership
Step 4) Select Cancel 
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We don’t tolerate tailgaters! Every time you don’t use the turnstile or double-swipe, the WGF team receives a message with a time and an image that the tailgating occurred. If you’ve made us aware beforehand, thank you.